Improve customer experience through data and insights

  • Website Analysis & Insights
  • Content Strategy & Audits
  • Traffic & UX Optimization
  • Measurement Plans & KPIs
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Tracking & Tagging Strategies

I’ve worked with great brands like Google, AAA, Levis, Kaiser Permanente, Clorox, and many more.


I’m 100% invested in making my clients happy.

“Linda has been an amazing consultant for Fluid and has really helped us deliver top notch strategy, analytics and insights to clients. She has expert knowledge of digital analytics and goes beyond the numbers to address why they matter and what the design takeaways are.”

Bridget Farhland
Bridget Farhland, VP Client Strategy

“Linda has been an outstanding partner to my team at Charming Charlie. Her experience in analytics best practices, strategy and structure helped us develop process and roles to execute with excellence. Linda is data-driven and human oriented — the ideal balance. Her relatable approach to analytics and testing has transformed our culture across the business. I highly recommend Linda as a colleague and as an all-around delightful person.”

Katie Kirkpatrick
Katie Kirkpatrick, Vice President, E-Commerce

“Linda possesses a unique blend of strategic thinking and expert execution. She does an excellent job of helping business leaders, and marketers think about how they leverage data in their day to day lives, taking the mystery, jargon, and complexities out of the conversation and making it all very approachable. At the end of the day, she also executes on the thinking to build out analytics solutions from integration to reporting and does so efficiently.”

Carl Agers
Carl Agers, Sr. VP, Marketing Services

“With Linda on your team you know that you have access to an expert strategic thinker and analyst who can oversee high level analytics plans and map out data integration programs while simultaneously rolling up her sleeves to project manage flawless executions of multi-channel campaigns. Linda is especially known for always going above and beyond for her clients and colleagues — working tirelessly to make the entire team shine.”

Jeff Fogliano
Jeff Fogliano, Director, Strategy & Planning

“Linda is an excellent researcher, analyst, collaborator and all-around person. She’s passionate about helping clients make good, sound decisions that will really move their business forward, and they love her for it!”

Kim Williams-Czopek
Kim Williams-Czopek, Sr. Director, Customer Experience

“Linda’s broad knowledge of Internet business, combined with her expertise in web marketing and development, made her a trusted go-to person on strategic decisions. She is truly an asset, and her expertise will benefit any organization needing help with online marketing strategy.”

Jeff Titterton
Jeff Titterton, Senior VP of Marketing

“Linda was an integral part of our team, helping us to develop our thinking about web, email and social media marketing and how to read the data so it made sense and so we could take action.”

Amy Taub
Amy Taub, Executive Director

“As a start-up, we had few internal resources and we were inexperienced in some areas of online marketing. Linda’s broad-based direct marketing expertise was invaluable to us, and she was integral to the success of Glam’s launch.”

Stephen Croncota
Stephen Croncota, Executive Director

“Linda’s passion and drive for testing and analytics helped optimize our email campaigns with measured improved results. And aside from her strong business acumen, Linda is a pleasure to work with!”

Tom Vass
Tom Vass, Director of Marketing

“Linda’s led numerous marketing programs for us that significantly increased our product sales. Her commitment to improving our bottom line is always unwavering. She is, by far, the most dedicated, creative and detail-oriented partner I’ve worked with.”

Ricardo Zapata
Ricardo Zapata, Senior VP Marketing

“Linda was instrumental in launching and growing our ecommerce business, building our email marketing and customer acquisition strategy and managing the day-to-day implementation of campaigns. With Linda’s help our business doubled in 6 months.”

Carl Sandler
Carl Sandler, Founder and President


I built my first website on a Tangerine iMac in 1998.

I have been delivering successful customer experience solutions in the digital space since 2000, when I started my career as producer for a Minneapolis based web development agency.
Since then, I’ve collaborated with dozens of teams to design and implement digital strategy, marketing and analytics plans for e-commerce, lead generation and customer retention.
As a champion of user experience, my work lets me do what I love most: improve the experiences people have when they engage and transact with brands in the digital space.
I excel at listening to my clients’ needs, identifying pain points and opportunities, and then using a variety of methods to deliver realistic plans and recommendations.


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